Narrower the divide between the haves and have-nots of any society, the higher goes its sustainability quotient. In a country with close to 250 million people still below poverty line, the onus of extending a helping hand remains as much ours. For, their rights to our operating environment, economic and otherwise, are not any lesser than ours.

It is with this belief that we, at Fiem Industries approach community welfare. To extend a dedicated focus to our CSR aims, we have formed ‘Fiem Foundation’. Supporting the CSR provisions whole heartedly as per Schedule VII read with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, our Company remains compliant with its applicable provisions. Our adopted CSR policy is made available on the website

While the foundation undertakes a host  of  community welfare activities, providing financial assistance in case of life threatening illness has become a structured focus in recent times. Towards this, the foundation has collaborated with the Social Welfare Unit of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Against the recommendation of the said unit, the company provides financial assistance to patients suffering from cancer or other critical ailments.

Besides, our quest for the best in CSR takes us to organize mass marriages for girls and ophthalmic surgeries for members from the underprivileged  class.

Fiem Foundation collaborated with Social Welfare Unit
of AIIMS, Delhi

In our pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility as per Companies Act, 2013, we have selected ‘healthcare’ as one of area of intervention and way of serving the humanity. Company whole-heartedly supported the CSR provisions and remained compliant with the statutory requirements.Towards this noble cause, we are giving financial support to needy / poor cancer and other life threatening diseases patients for getting their treatment done in AIIMS. We have collaborated with Social Welfare Unit of AIIMS, Delhi and disburse the assistance amount as and when they recommend the poor and needy patients suffering from Cancer and other life threatening diseases for getting their treatment done in AIIMS. We are doing this work through  our  CSR  Vehicle  ‘Fiem Foundation.’

Company does various other social welfare programme like arranging mass marriages for poor girls, free eye operation and other activities to help  underprivileged.

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