Fiem believes that strategic fit alliances and expansion in other geographies are imperative to overall growth and excellence in manufacturing, production and marketing as it opens new opportunities and gives access to newly developed emerging technologies. Hence, Company is open to explore strategic alliances and venture to new geographies.

Fiem Industries Japan Co., Ltd. (Wholly-owned Subsidiary)

The Wholly owned subsidiary was set-up in Japan as an extended arm of the Company for liaison with Japanese customers like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha etc., support in Designing, R&D and new business development. Parent Company (Fiem) is getting full support in above areas from Fiem Industries Japan Co., Ltd.

Centro Ricerche FIEM Horustech S.r.l. (Joint venture in Italy)

The Company was set-up in Italy as a 50:50 JV with Horustech Lighting of Italy, which is a Designing Company. The purpose of setting up of JV was to strengthen R&D and Designing capabilities of the Company. The JV is working with this objective.

Technical Collaboration with Aisan Industry Co. Ltd., Japan

The Company has signed a “Technical License and Assistance Agreement” with Aisan Industries Co. Ltd., Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan. Under technical support from Aisan, the Company is manufacturing ‘Canister’ (An Emission Control System product) in its Tapukara Factory.

Fiem (Thai) Design & Technology Co., Ltd. (Wholly-owned Subsidiary)

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company has been incorporated with the name “Fiem (Thai) Design & Technology Co., Ltd.” in Thailand to set up a Design Centre, especially for LED and new technology innovative products, which will strengthen the in-house Design and R&D capabilities of the Company in Automotive Lighting.

Fiem Kyowa (HK) Mould Company Limited (Joint Venture in Hong Kong)

A 50:50 Joint Venture Company in Hong Kong with KYOWA Co., Ltd., Japan to engage in the business of high class molds / tools for Automotive and other applications. This venture will have an added advantage as this will enhance the level of confidence among Company’s existing and prospective OEM customers by way of shortening the development time for tooling considerably.

Aisan Fiem Automotives India Pvt. Ltd. (Joint Venture in India)

A Joint Venture Company set-up in India (Tapukara, Rajasthan) with Aisan Industry Co. Ltd., Japan and Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd. for manufacture of Fuel Pump Module and IC Connector for two-wheelers and three-wheelers for Indian Market.

Technical Collaboration with TOYODENSO Co. Ltd., Japan

The Company has signed a “Technical Assistance Agreement” with TOYODENSO Co. Ltd., Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan for manufacturing of Bank Angle Sensor for motorcycles for Indian Market.